Online Data Backup Pricing

Backup Your Computer / Server Online - As Low as $.80/GB!

No-Nonsense Pricing Plans

ACC Technologies, Inc.Unlimited Users
ACC Technologies, Inc.Unlimited Computers
ACC Technologies, Inc.Unlimited Storage

Only $.80/GB per month

No business should be wiithout a back up. Back up all of your important data for one low monthly price!



Desktop Pricing

$4.55 per desktop + .80 per GB


Server Pricing

$7.99 per Server + .80 per GB





"I have a business PC, a laptop, and a home PC I want to protect. All-in I have 4 GB of data I want to back up. How much will that cost?"


(1 Desktop x 4.95) + (4GB × $.80/GB) = $8.15/month

"I am a small business. We have 10 PCs including laptops which contain 30 GB of data. We also want to back up a small file server which has 25 GB of data.  How much will that cost?"


(10 PCs x $4.95) + (30 GB combined total) × $.80/GB) = $73.50/month

(1 Server x $7.99) + (25GB Server x $.80/GB) = $27.99/month


Desktops: ($66.00) + Server: ($21.74) = $87.74 monthly


**All prices quoted are in $US.






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